Bunnywith 8" Vinyl Art Collectible (PRE-ORDER)

Alex Pardee x Mighty Jaxx

  • $ 115.00

 Est. Ship QTR: 4th QTR 2018

Remember Alex Pardee's Bunnywith? It is simply a bunny with plenty of variations. Created almost two decades ago, Bunnywith has since been fortunate to be "with" a variety of things, embarking on countless of adventures!  
Being a simple creature is what makes Bunnywith one of the MOST magical critters in the universe. His main goal in life is to be surrounded WITH things. “What sort of things?” you might ask. Well that's easy because he's easily contented as long as he's WITH something! ANYTHING to be honest...
As we bring Bunnywith back to life in the form of a collectible vinyl figure, we want you to be his companion! It’s really just a simple concept so don’t overthink it and give him a reason to smile!
8" / 20cm Tall Vinyl Art Collectible 
Blister Packed in Printed Box
Limited Edition Production

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