Fraggle Rock Blind Box Mini Series Case of 24

Kidrobot x Fraggle Rock

  • $ 219.99

The time has come... for the Fraggles to reemerge! Through a hole in the baseboard of a workshop is a world of underground caverns, grottos, lakes and streams, and flora and fauna that is Fraggle Rock. Kidrobot brings the world of Fraggle Rock to life with a blind box mini figure series featuring favorite Fraggles like Gobo, Red and Mokey, and even a handful of Doozers. Kidrobot can neither confirm nor deny the inclusion of a furry friend. Take your collection to an all-new level of nostalgia with Jim Henson's masterpiece Fraggle Rock brought to life today by Kidrobot!


  • Gobo Fraggle Mini Figure - 3/24
  • Red Fraggle Mini Figure - 2/24
  • Wembley Fraggle Mini Figure - 2/24
  • Architect Doozer Mini Figure - 3/24
  • Doozer 1 Mini Figure - 3/24
  • Doozer 2 Mini Figure - 3/24
  • Cotterpin Doozer Mini Figure - 3/24
  • Boober Fraggle Mini Figure - 2/24
  • ?? - ??/??
  • Mokey Fraggle Mini Figure - 2/24

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