Roadkill 9" Resin Sculpture

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Here’s a little background info on why we created Roadkill. 

We first came across Twelvedot’s work at ATC 2014 in Seoul. We were mesmerised by the clean lines and simplicity of his work and loved how he was using toys to spread a message of conservation for the tiny and often forgotten frogs. Fast forward to a couple of toy-cons later, we began planning for a piece together. Thus was born Roadkill - a menacing looking frog modelled with the look and feel of a car threatening lives on the road. Each year thousands of animals are killed on the roads. Even more staggering is the fact that up to 95% of all roadkill are the little ones, the amphibians which we seldom pay attention to. We knew we had to make a statement so here we go, presenting “Roadkill”, our attempt to bring awareness to ecological issues. Be safe on the roads, no life is too small.