Shah Mat Dunny Chess Series 2pk Blind Box

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Otto Bjornik’s Dunny Chess Series is the first collection of it’s kind! This series makes up an entire chess set once fully collected. The Dunny figures in this series are designed to be a king, queen, rook, bishop, knight or pawn. Each Dunny, or chess piece, comes on a square that helps to make up the board. Once a collection is complete, a full chessboard can be made. Checkmate!

Each pack includes 2 Dunnys: 1 pawn and 1 mystery royalty Dunny.

PLEASE NOTE: Each display case of 8x 2packs will have ½ white & ½ black. For each 2 pack you will be able to see open window of just the Pawn color. If the Pawn is white, the other piece will be white and vice versa. There will be some figures that are more rare than others. Odds are higher for getting multiple pieces of the Rook, Knight, and Bishop. The King & Queen are more rare. The gold chase King piece (King Midas) is not guaranteed to be included in the full chess set.